Below are a list of projects I am currently working on. If you are interested in working with me on one of these projects and believe you have the skill set to be helpful and the intellectual curiosity to learn from the experience, please apply below to join the Fridy Lab. Deadline to apply for Fall independent studies is 15 April. Deadline to apply for Spring independent studies is 15 November. These independent studies are competitive and limited to 3 per semester. Most successful applicatants must meet the minimum criteria for an independent study in Political Science. Though only one application per student will be considered per semester, students are welcome to apply every semester.

Applicants who can combine their applications with funding proposals for the Undergraduate Research Initiative, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Honors Undergraduate Research Fellowship, APSA Small Research Grant, or other external funding opportunities will be given preference. As these opportunities have varying deadlines you are encouraged to plan ahead and let me know of your intentions to apply in advance. All applicants will be notified, both those accepted into the Fridy Lab and those encouraged to reapply for a later cycle, by 1 May for the Fall Lab and 1 December for the Spring Lab.

A successful term in the Fridy Lab will result in research paper presented at a relevant conference or external grant application submitted for funding. A very successful term will result in a peer-reviewed publication.




* A Ghanaian Election – Large N panel data set collected during the 2016 election campaign and after. There are quite a few variables in this data set and the data is still in need of some cleaning.

* Electoral Cleavages in West Africa – Sub-national election data from Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, and Côte d'Ivoire going back to independence is combined with census data to discern why a prominent North/South cleavage occurs in some countries but not others.

* Environmental Politics in Africa - Using satellite imagery indicating areas where forests are being preserved and areas where they are being felled as our dependent variable, we test potential institutional, socio-economic, and political independent variables.

* Governance and Terrorism in Burkina Faso – Large N data set collected in summer 2019. Looks at questions of governance and terrorism from the north to the south of Burkina Faso.

* Nangodi Institute – Small research institute located in rural northern Ghana interested in hosting student funded research grants. Researchers at the institute have a wide array of skills so as long as your research can be done in northern Ghana or Burkina Faso the discipline of the research can very likely be accomodated.



Ariana Ferraro (2019/2020)
"Burkinabè Personality Traits and Support for Vigilantism"
Paper accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the MPSA.

Julia Ingram (2019/2020)
"Class and Access to Governance in Burkina Faso"
Paper accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the MPSA.

Cheyenne Lee (2019/2020)
"Gender and Perceptions of Security among Burkinabè"
Paper accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the MPSA.